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August 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I consider myself to be a very versatile photographer. I have an interest in a large variety of photographic styles and genres including people, macro, stock and long exposures.

I recently had the opportunity to try several products offered by Fovitec / StudioPro.

I use flash for most of my work, and often incorporate more than one light. For all of the images seen here, I have used at least two of Fovitec’s products.

For the image of the basketball, I am using two of Fovitec’s products; the Vinyl Wood Floor backdrop (5 x 5’) and the 60 x 60cm softbox. The wood backdrop is rolled out on the floor, with the other end clipped to a backdrop stand. The softbox was boomed overhead in some shots, and positioned just to the side in others. You really can’t beat the versatility of a 60 x 60cm softbox – so useful in so many situations! The vinyl wood backdrop can be used as flooring, as a “table top” or as a backdrop. It can be used for babies, portraits and products as well – a great product!


For the image of the cupcake, I am using the 60 x 60cm softbox – boomed just above and to the side. With both diffusion panels in place, you can see how the light wraps around the cupcake. Fantastic!


For the portrait, I used 3 products; the pop up muslin backdrop (5 x 6.5’), the double sided reflector, and the 60 x 60cm softbox. The muslin backdrop is superb. It is light to carry, but feels heavy duty. Its color / pattern is very practical in numerous situations and is large enough to shoot multiple subjects. It also collapses into a tiny carrying case for easy transportation.

You can see how the softbox creates beautiful catchlights in the eyes of the subject, in addition to the silver reflector bringing out the details from the shadows.


All of the products I have used from Fovitec will most definitely continue to be a part of my kit and get heavy use. I would not hesitate to purchase additional products from Fovitec / StudioPro.


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